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Personalised 16oz Pastel Acrylic Skinny Tumblers

Personalised 16oz Pastel Acrylic Skinny Tumblers

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Personalised 16oz Matte Pastel Acrylic Skinny Tumblers with Straw

These tumblers with their double walls, thermo-regulate your drinks so you can enjoy them down to the last refreshing drop. Cold drinks stay cold and warm drinks stay warm!
12 fun pastel colours! Watch how even the most serious adult eyeballs their favorite color, hoping that someone else doesn’t grab it first. Obviously colour-coding and personalisation is a great way to stop someone stealing your drink.
Splash-proof lids - Most acrylic tumblers come with a rubber push down lid, and when you drop them the lid pops off. Our tumblers come with colored screw top lids with tight straw seal. While we can’t say a few drops won’t escape, we can say you won’t be cleaning up a giant orange juice mess from your carpet.
Easy to clean - Cracked plastic and water getting into the double walls are real concerns when it comes to cleaning an acrylic tumbler. So our design team solved both problems. Your tumblers are 100% Handwash Only. Many people agree skinny tumblers are the most comfortable size to hold. Not only do they feel good, they’re easier for kids, and folks with arthritic hands. BPA FREE, Non-Toxic.

Product Colour: Coral, Light Orange, Yellow, Mint, Seafoam, Aqua, Periwinkle, Sky Blue, Pink, Lilac, Dark Purple, Black
Size: 8.5"H x 2.5"D / 16oz
Material: Acrylic
Packaging: Bulk

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