Our Partners

The Up Shop partners with local artists, sculptors, designers and photographers to offer you their beautifully authentic pieces of art on many of our in-house printable items. Take a look at our wonderful partners below!


For all you fitness junkies out there, we are pleased to introduce you to our partner… BOOM! No, literally, that's their name LOL. We've partnered with BOOM to offer you the coolest gym sayings, expressions and designs on some of our athletic and sporty products! Boom Bang! 


Coskel Clothing creatively utilizes local slang and imagery to tell stories and express the Caribbean’s culture and lifestyle through fashion. By remaining true to the definition, Coskel Clothing challenges what is considered norm and give individuals the opportunity to proudly express their unique style. Its designs features many relatable themes exclusive to the Caribbean including Music (Soca, Reggae), History, Folklore, Trending National Topics, etc. Coskel = Caribbean Culture!


Deftment is a lifestyle clothing brand based in Trinidad and Tobago offering a stylish, versatile and durable t-shirt line. Founders Nicholas Huggins and Kevin Ross strive to provide high-quality tees that are suited to a Caribbean lifestyle. This means they have to be stylish, versatile and durable; with the ability to transition from the beach, to a session at the gym, to an all-inclusive fete with ease. They use The Up Shop as a platform for their customers to easily buy their products at the click of a button. We are thrilled to be the online distributor of their brand!


Lauren Garcia is an up-and-coming artist who aspires to capture the beauty in simplicity around our stunning twin islands. We have partnered with this very talented artist to offer fantastic items using pieces from her L. Garcia art line. Available only at The Up Shop. 


Lisa Hutchinson is a Caribbean organic abstract painter who draws her inspiration from local flora and fauna. Her art makes our products shine! You can now get notebooks, bottles, coaster sets and more printed with a beautiful twist, delivered straight to you from The Up Shop!


The Up Shop has partnered with the maker of Fine Caribbean Collectables, designed and created by Trinidadian artist/sculptor Paul Llanos. You can now get Llanos & Maingot figurines, plaques and houses delivered straight to your door.

“Only recently with The Up Shop coming to us, they offered an opportunity that would put our pieces on the world market.” – Paul and Kelly Llanos


Nyla Singh is a freelance photographer based in Trinidad & Tobago. She is a member of the National Registry for artist and cultural workers of Trinidad & Tobago. Her work has appeared in several local publications such as Caribbean Beat Magazine and she was also one of the national artists whose work was selected for display on the wall of the Queen’s Park Oval, Port Of Spain, in 2014. Some of her selected Tobago-themed work was featured at the inaugural opening of the Shaw Park Cultural Centre in Tobago. She continues to work on landscape, bird and macro photography and has extended this repertoire to include new-born and family portraits. These remain her passion.


John Otway has been practising architecture for over 30 years in Trinidad and Tobago. During this time he has been drawing some of the older buildings within the twin islands – many of which are no longer in existence – as a pictorial record. John has partnered with The Up Shop to print some of his high-quality art images on many of our items.


We've partnered with the one and only St. Mary's College to bring to you CIC branded merch! So call all your friends, past pupils and current pupils and spread the news! Buy someone the gift of displaying their alma mater proudly! 


It’s time to sip in style with locally hand-painted drinkware! According to artist Lauren Garcia, Tipsy is meant to bring back the intimacy and thoughtfulness into something as simple as a gift.

“When The Up Shop approached me, I realised how fun-loving and enthusiastic they are, just like Tipsy, and we clicked right off the bat. I really appreciated and loved that they provide a platform to showcase the country’s amazing talent.” – Lauren Garcia


Ysharda Clement started painting at the age of 12 and hasn’t stopped. She has been creating paintings with the prominent theme of nature since then. Her studies led her to explore art in many countries, and while travelling in 2015, she produced many display-worthy miniature paintings. Today, she happily continues creating these paintings and is now able to partner with The Up Shop to add some beautiful, unique items to her collection.  

Interested in partnering with The Up Shop? We'd love to chat with you! Send us your thoughts in an email: customerservice@theupshop.com