Can I return my item?

Well we hope that you will never have to go through this painstaking process; but in the event that you do we will try to make it as painless as possible and would give you a full refund directly to your credit card once the item is deemed refundable; i.e. damaged or faulty. But not if let’s say a dog ate it…unless it was Uppy the Puppy…then we take full responsibility; he likes to bite things.


How do I return my item?

You will have 15 working days to return an item after it is delivered to you. Just send an email to with your contact information and order number and let us know the issue that you are having with the product. If the product is damaged or defective please also include a photo of it in the email. We will review and guide you through the rest of the process from there!

How long does it take to refund my credit card?

Once we issue the refund to your credit card, it would take between 2-3 working days to show up on your account. If you don’t see it after this time frame then go ahead and call your Credit Card Company to give them a nice piece of your mind!