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Galt & Maree 8oz Candle

Galt & Maree 8oz Candle

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Galt & Maree is an Artisan Apothecary located in Trinidad and Tobago, dedicated in providing best in class and quality fragrance accents. Through our scent, we want everyone to be inspired by our homeland of Trinidad and Tobago as they represent our expressions of the splendor of our twin island republic. 

Material: Wax & Glass
Size: 8oz
Packaging: Bulk 

Bamboo Cathedralwill take you a journey to inner self serenity, one light and you can start breathing in the tranquil notes of Caribbean Forest, Bliss. Top: Bamboo, Green Leaf. Middle: Green tea, Lemongrass. Base: Coconut, Vetiver

Samaan Grove - Amidst the beautiful Samaan Trees, nestled on a grove, warm sun shines through the tree-tops onto a lily pod, the scene is surreal, the moment is captivating. This scent is dedicated to complete relaxation time. Its zest and warm undertones will make any space one of solace and focus. Top: Limoncello, Green tea. Middle: Citron, Green Leaf. Base: Musk

Tobago - We created Tobago to capture the calmness and delight experienced by many... the beautiful sunsets, the majestic beaches, the amazing retreats, it’s a true Caribbean treasure. Top: Coconut, Lime. Middle: Verbena, Petitgrain, Musk. Base: Teak , Cedar

Down the Islandsis a scent explosion of creamy coconut, zesty grapefruit, green tea, lemongrass, ozone and more. Top: Mandarin, Bergamot. Middle: Cardamom, Basil, Ambergris. Base: Cedar, Ozone

Icacos Orchid - Jade and Sharri Baby Orchid, blends with Magnolia and Petitgrain so perfectly In this enchanting musk floral. Top: Creamy Musk, Magnolia. Middle: Sharri Baby Orchid, Lotus. Base: Jade, Cedar

Stars Over Mayaro - Feel the warmth of the Caribbean Sun, the grains of sand beneath your feet. Hues of Emerald green and Prussian blue envelope the serene vista of this enchanting district in the sweet isle of Tobago. Top: Bulgarian Lavender. Middle: Coconut, Musk, Ambergris. Base: Cedar, Spruce

Maracas Sands - Is it the warm beautiful ocean glistening to a hearts content, the breeze swaying through palms, the glistening sandy shores adorning the many who are blessed to enjoy its riches? Top: Tahitian Tare. Middle: Gardenia Lily. Base: Cactus, Musk

La Petit Fleur - Picture a Shop filled with floral delight, its lanai doors open out into Tented Green house, filled with blooms of delight. Dew drips off the freshly watered petals, the scent is intoxicating and beautiful. Top: Rose, Carnation, Chrysanthemum. Middle: Jasmine, Geranium. Base: Cedarwood

Savannah Lime - Cool Garden Mint, Warm Amber and grounding White tea are mixed to make this amazing Scent. Top: Wild Mint. Middle: Oak-moss, Amber, Basil. Base: White Tea

The Pines - The Warmest nights can open a realm of possibilities, the scent of fir and birch can bring a season in just right, sparking inspiration and Holiday cheer. Top: Musk, Amber. Middle: Teak, Cedar. Base: Fir, Birch

Whimsical Zest - Clean, fresh, invigorating, this scent is pure zest heaven. Whimsical Zest has been a client favorite for years, it’s complex layers of herbs and lemongrass can uplift any space. Top: Lemongrass, Basil. Middle: Spanish Thyme. Base: Rosemary, Ivy


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