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Onyx & Green Eco-Friendly 5" ScissorsGreen

Onyx & Green Eco-Friendly 5" ScissorsGreen

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Scissors 5” / 127mm, stainless steel round tip, corn plastic handles, recycled kraft try me card, soy based ink. This family of products introduces plastic made of corn starch, a non-toxic and renewable source that is 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. The increasing popularity of plastic made of corn starch can probably be attributed to its identical feel to traditional petroleum-based plastic.

ONYX GREEN school and office products made of mostly recycled and natural materials. This product line brings environmentally-friendly school and office products into the homes, schools and offices of consumers and helps increase student and parent awareness for protecting the environment.
ONYX GREEN is the first of its kind that has a complete range of products from writing to portfolio products, from pencil cases to messenger bags. It is also the first brand in its field to use a wide variety of materials from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials to bamboo, stone, corn starch, biodegradable and natural fabrics such as jute and cotton. We strive to use recycled materials for our packaging as well as print soy-based ink whenever possible. We are constantly innovating our packaging in order to make it as ecologically friendly as we can.

Material: Corn Plastic, Stainless Steel
Size of Product: 5 Inches
Packaging: Poly Bag

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