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BAZIC Design & Drafting Pencil Set (12 Assortment)

BAZIC Design & Drafting Pencil Set (12 Assortment)

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BAZIC pencil collection comes in different shapes and colours. Brilliant designs and colour options give you the versatility you need for your every day writing needs. Our essential selections are quality assured and dependable, providing tremendous value.

  • Pre Sharpened
  • Glides smoothly over paper
  • Premium quality pencil for designs and drafting
  • Contains an assortment of harder lead pencils chosen for their ability to hold a sharp point for more detailed work
  • Superior graphite pencils manufactured from the highest quality materials with maximum point strength, especially break-resistant, easy to sharpen and erase
  • Finely graded degrees produce clear lines and structures as well as subtle differentiated shades of gray and black
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