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BAZIC 6 Pastel Color Essence Gel Pen w/ Cushion Grip

BAZIC 6 Pastel Color Essence Gel Pen w/ Cushion Grip

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Our BAZIC Essence Pastel Gel Pens come in an assortment of 6 colours (actual colours may vary). Fulfill all your colouring and writing needs! They're great for taking the dullness out of classroom notes.

  • SMOOTH APPLICATION. The durable 0.8mm tip can produce fine lines which allows for smooth and precise color application, you could easily get the coloring done without too much effort.
  • SMEAR-FREE. We know you don't want the ink to smear, the smear-free ink flow means you can put these versatile pens to good use for superior writing quality.
  • PACKAGING. Clear plastic pouch creates easy portability for gel pens to with you on-the-go. Bring with you anywhere and everywhere these pens are the perfect traveling companion!
  • IDEAL USE. These colorful pastel pens are fun to use for coloring books, drawing, notes, home-made invitations, greeting cards and so much more. Great gift idea for kids and adults who love to color!
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