What are your delivery rates?

We currently use TTPost for delivery and charge TT $30 if your order comes up to less than TT $200. Any order that is TT $200 and over would include the cost of shipping. Sooo…as you can see, it is within both our best interests for you to splurge a bit to get your order up to TT $200 🙂

What shipping methods do you offer?

Straight to your door via TTPost. We do not cater for in-store pickups.

Where does The Up Shop deliver?

We are currently only delivering within Trinidad and Tobago but fear not, we have grand plans to expand throughout the region so be sure to look out for us!

How long is delivery?

Your order will arrive in 5 working days. Occasionally, with some personalisation methods, we may need a few extra days. If so, we’ll be sure to let you know in the product’s description.

And by the way that’s delivery straight to your door!

Knock knock

Who’s there?

Honey bee

Honey bee who?

Honey bee a dear and get me some Uppy products delivered straight to my door!

Do you offer a faster delivery service option?

5 days or less isn’t fast enough for you?! Sheesh tough crowd! Well we don’t offer a faster option however we do understand that there will be cases that would need some extra TLC so if you reeeeally really need it before 5 working days then you could shoot us an email explaining the situation and we’ll see if we could prioritise it for you. That’s how cool we are.

What happens if I’m not there when my item is delivered?

Well you gotta sign for receiving your package…so if you’re not at the shipping address you gave us don’t worry you get 2 more attempts of delivery (although we sincerely hope you don’t need to use both of them). So here’s what’s gonna happen!

  • You will be left a notification with the tracking number and a number to call.
  • Call the number and give another time and location to come when you know you’ll be there.
  • Another attempt of delivery will be made after that either on the same day or the next day; depending on the time you call. So you better be there this time!
  • Butttt if you are STILL not there (like seriously?) then another note will be left and the same thing goes.
  • If on the 3rdand last attempt you are still not there then just forget it…you clearly don’t deserve the item! LOL oh gosh only teasing! In the rare event that this happens then just give us a shout at and let us know that you are the most unattainable person in the world. Haha teasing again! Just explain to us the situation and we’ll fix you up!

Can I ship to a different address than my billing?

You sure can! During registration you have the option of entering both addresses. You can also specify which address for us to ship to during checkout.