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Ysharda Clement – 4PC Acrylic Coaster Set – Carnival Collection

Ysharda Clement – 4PC Acrylic Coaster Set – Carnival Collection

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Ysharda Clement started painting at the age of 12 and hasn’t stopped. She has been creating paintings with the prominent theme of nature since then. Her studies led her to explore art in many countries, and in 2015 while traveling, she produced many display worthy miniature paintings. Ysharda used these as material to launch her greeting card line YWordsToday, she happily continues creating these cards and paintings and now is able to partner with The Up Shop to add some beautiful unique items to her collection

Four acrylic coasters with eccentric designs depicting the cultural aspect of Trinidad’s carnival.

Top Left – Moko Jumbie Resting
Top Right -Pan Man
Bottom Left – Jab Jab
Bottom Right – Moko Jumbie Hummingbird

Product Colour(s): Clear
Size: 3½”W x 3½”H x ¼”D
Material: Acrylic
Packaging: White 2pc Gift Box

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