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Peter Pauper All the Birds in the World Book

Peter Pauper All the Birds in the World Book

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PP-333292 / 3297

What makes a bird a bird?

  • All birds have feathers, wings, and beaks.
  • But birds come in many varieties of colors, shapes, and sizes, with different habits and homes.
  • Take a beautifully illustrated journey -- with an adorable kiwi bird as your guide -- through the vast and colorful world of birds, with its tapestry of textures, sounds, and sights.
  • Even the kiwi chick -- who struggles to see at first how he fits in -- finds that he too belongs to this fascinating family of feathered friends.
  • 32-page full-color picture book with dust jacket.
  • Sturdy hardcover binding.
  • Picture book measures 8-3/4'' wide x 11-1/4'' high.
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