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BAZIC Black Chisel Tip Dry-Erase Markers (3/Pack)

BAZIC Black Chisel Tip Dry-Erase Markers (3/Pack)

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Markers are excellent for conveying messages and teaching through visualization. Write bold letters with our permanent markers. Teach a class with our dry erase markers that are extremely user-friendly and safe to use! 

  • Use in a ventilated area
  • Do not shake
  • Do not use it on cloth
  • Flammable
  • Do not store or use near heat or flame
  • Recap and store in a horizontal position when not in use
  • Durable chisel point is great for charts, graphs, and memo boards
  • Cap color indicates ink color
  • Chisel tip allows for broad and fine line width
  • Correction made easy with a magnetic eraser's cap
  • 3 Per Pack
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