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BAZIC 12" X 5' Cushion Bubble Wrap

BAZIC 12" X 5' Cushion Bubble Wrap

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Shipping made easy! Protect your shipments by using our 12"inch x 5'ft cushion wraps to make sure every package arrives safe and sound. Bubble wrap is an effective cushion that protects the contents of your package.

  • EASY TO TEAR. This bubble cushioning wrap is perforated every 12 inches. No need for scissors or blades, simply tear and use as needed. The design makes it easier to use and takes up less space.
  • DURABLE. Strong yet lightweight, bubble wrap protects goods from external damage that can occur during shipping and handling. Strong air-filled cushion defends fragile items with a shock-resistant layer.
  • AIR-BUBBLES. 5/16" inch bubbles contribute to absorb all the bangs and dings a package receives during shipping. You have no worry to deliver your fragile stuff.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE. Bubble Cushion Wrap is perfect for preventing scratches during movement/transportation. You can store and protect small devices such as phones, dishes, collectibles, glass and more!
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